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Rules: Video proof required. R* timer will define the position on the leaderboard, but as long as R* timer gives worse times than what it used to (since Finance and Felony DLC) manual timing result will be honored, which should be about 8s less than R* timer gives atm. It's obvious, but cheating is not allowed. The same team cannot hold more than one spot in the board.

Timers for all heist starts from the point all players are able to move, except for Prison Break where timer starts when inside prison Rashkovsky cutscene starts, and timer ends when the parachuting cutscene starts. Timing end point for Fleeca Job is when kuruma sticks to the magnet and checkpoint is activated. Timing end point for Humane labs is when the chopper hits the ground and activates checkpoint. Timing end point for series a is when both vans arrive at destination and checkpoint is activated. Timing end point for Pacific Standard Job is when last player enters the boat and is about to sit.

All of these times have been submitted on the Elites community on the PS4. You can submit them here but you will need a video or you can carry on and submit them on the Elites community. PS4 times only allowed and if your times are good enough they will be enterned on the World leaderboard which is open to all platforms. I hope we see some new times and good luck.

The Hall of Fame is a special section that will list in alpahbetical order all players who have earned a top 3 time on any of the leaderboards.

Fleeca Job :
1) DewWork-, toxiccaliber99 (4:36) manual time (4:44) R* time.
2) DewWork-, Abssamra (4:38) manual time (4:46) R* time.
2)toxiccaliber99, Pawelesko1990 (4:38)
4) JimmyBandicoot, Armageddon37242 (4:40) -
5) JimmyBandicoot, Wand987 (4:41)

1) DewWork-, bigraf3 AIR7, TaimoorS15 (2:50)
2) DewWork-, Waterboy, bigraf3, Abssamra (3:05)
3) Abssamra, bigraf3, DewWork, TaimoorS15 (3:07)
4) 1) DewWork-, AIR7, Waterboy, Intangir_V (3:09)
5) toxiccaliber99, AIR7, Pawelesko1990, Nerfgoth (3:10)

Humane labs:
1) ) DEATH_LOW_END, Abssamra, DewWork-, toxiccaliber99 (9:14) manual time
2) toxiccaliber99, Abssamra AIR7, DEATH_LOW_END (9:18) manual time, (9:26) R* time.
3) JimmyBandicoot, iLoVeMe92, Bvios, DrGeorges (9:19) manual time, (9:27) R* time.
3) BossMadMax, AIR7, toxiccaliber99, l_KLoD_I (9:19) manual time (9:27) R* time.
5) BossMadMax, Olegus, vmonce, I_KLoD_I (9:26)

Series A:
1)SlyferFox, groppler, Dziurka26, Quinten_95 (5:04)
2) Abssamra, DewWork-, bigraf3, DEATH_LOW_END (5:09)
3) Abssamra, DewWork- , TaimoorS15, bigraf3 (5:19) manual time.
4) DewWork-, Abssamra, bigraf3, xil-silencer (5:23)
5) Jimmy Bandicoot, Bvios, iLoVeMe92, VilMik84 (5:33)

Pacific standard:
1) toxiccaliber99, bigraf3, TaimoorS15, DewWork- (7:57) manual time
2) AIR7, bigraf3, TaimoorS15, DewWork- (8:05) manual time, (8:13) R* time
3) toxiccaliber99, AIR7, Pawelesko1999, DewWork- manual time (8:09) rockstar time (8:17)
3) SlyferFox, groppler, Dziurka26, Quintenr95 (8:09)
5) JimmyBandicoot, DrGeorges, BVios, ThitiyaNirvana (8:31) manual

AAXAA3, Abssamra, AIR7, Armageddon37242, bigraf3, BossMadMax, Boutneus, Bucks_Honey, Bvios, DEATH_LOW_END, DewWork-, DrGeorges, Dziurka26, FrOzENLiLBuNNy, groppler, I_KLoD_I, iLoVeMe92, Intangir_V, JimmyBandicoot, JUN1983JUN, KatyPerry, Kinma999, Laschinsky, lopezcommalaren, MrCostari, NaughtyEllie, nebenezer, Necumvole, Nerfgoth, Oferrier, Olegus, Pawelesko1990, Paul_guck_in_die, PicksN1, Quintenr95, Quinten_95, SlyferFox, SpreeMurder, TaimoorS15, ThitiyaNirvana, toxiccaliber99, xil-silencer, VilMik84, vmonce, waterboy, Wand987


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